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A Peek Into My Wardrobe

I’ll admit, I’ve got fashion on the brain. Most people probably have one season in the year when they feel like all their purchasing is happening now. For me, that season is most definitely fall. I usually spend quite a bit updated old fall/winter pieces from last year that need to be replaced, or filling gaps in my wardrobe that I know I’ll need to make it through the colder months.

My recent purchasing has also forced me to reflect a bit on how my perspective on fashion has changed over the past few years. This year especially, I am focused on buying items of clothing that I know I will love, and continue to look good in, for many years to come. Because of this, many of my purchases have been more expensive than usual. I’ll give an example.

Case Study: Black Ankle Boots

Since I first went to the UK 4 years ago, I’ve been wearing the same style of black ankle boot. I love them because they are comfortable, stylish, and go with virtually every outfit. I think the Chelsea-style silhouette is timeless and will rarely go out of style.

However, because I wear these boots a solid 90% of the time during the fall/winter/and sometimes spring months, they wear down easily. The boots I’ve been buying (usually in the range of $30-50) start breaking within a season, sometimes even during it. The outer layer begins peeling, the sole starts coming off, they are scuffed beyond measure. And then I buy a new pair.

Since I’ve realized that I’m not going to start disliking this type of shoe anytime soon, I decided to invest in some that would ideally last me a good few years before needing to be replaced. I bought these black boots from Vagabond because they are the ideal: real leather, ankle coverage, perfect heel height. They weren’t cheap, but I fully expect them to earn their value over the next few years.

Besides just the boots, I’ve also noticed that my style tends to streamline towards comfortable, but classic pieces and colors. This may be a result of moving back and forth to different countries or a side effect of getting older. Who knows, but I am increasingly more and more dedicated to finding quality pieces that will last for years rather than trendy, cheap items that I either won’t wear or will break down quickly. A bonus of this way of thinking is that it combats the fast fashion industry which perpetuates waste and under-paid labor.

If you are curious, most of my purchases come from brands like Everlane, Sezane, & Other Stories, or other independent retailers.

I recently came across this YouTuber named Audrey Coyne who puts many of these ideas to use in her videos all about how she creates her stylish outfits. If you’re interested in learning more about my fashion ideology, you can really just watch any of her videos. She says it perfectly.

Another great thing Audrey does is she creates a fashion timeline where she plans out her future purchases. I think this is a great idea for planning out large expenses so that they won’t all happen at once. It also forces you to only shop for pieces that you really want rather than impulse buying items you won’t actually wear. You can check out my fashion timeline below.

Recent Purchases

These are items I knew I would need to survive the upcoming season. They are replacements of similar items that have worn down and needed replaced. Pictured: black ankle boots, black jeans, an everyday crossbody bag.

Near Future Items: Within the Season

These are items I can forsee myself purchasing over the next season because my current pieces are breaking down. Pictured: black belt, statment printed silk blouse, black turtleneck sweater.

Future Items: Within a Year

These are items that I have been thinking about purchasing for a while, but aren't on the necessity list. They are likely to be more expensive and will require deliberate saving before purchasing. Pictured: statement color wool coat, neutral heeled clogs, satin shirt.

Far Future Items: 1 Year+

These are items that I have deemed as less necessary or perhaps less useful than the previous ones. They are things that I want, but that would have to be purchased for the right occassion. Pictured: statement color heels, silk skirt, a signature scent.

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