• Madison White

A Story a Day #43: Rumer Godden

March 29th, 2020

"Fireworks for Elspeth"

Rumer Godden

A young girl, Elspeth, has decided she will leave her home and join a nunnery. Her family, especially her mother, doesn't seem to really approve of this decision. She doesn't understand why she would give up a life of comforts for a life of nothing. Her mother plans a going away party even though Elspeth doesn't really want one. At the party, she overhears even more people questioning her decision and wishes she could do something special to show them they are wrong. When she is thinking this, she remembers a story that another Sister told her, that Jesus has sacrificed himself "without fireworks" and she thinks she will be the same.

I think what resonated with me most in this story was the constant battle between this girl and her mother. Most children can relate, on some level, to choosing to do something that their parents don't really want. This is usually not an easy choice, and while this girl seems assured, it is clear how difficult this decision was. Ultimately, we have to live the way we need to live and sometimes this doesn't align with our parents' wishes.

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