• Madison White

A Story a Day #57: Eudora Welty

April 16th, 2020

"A Worn Path"

Eudora Welty

An old and nearly blind woman named Phoenix walks on a long journey that she knows well. Though she can't see well, she knows exactly what things to expect and when. On her way, she runs into a hunter and his dog. When she finally gets to town, she has someone tie her shoes for her. She walks into the building and forgets why she is there. Because the nurse knows her, she knows that she is here for her grandson and asks her about him. She gives her some medicine for him and she turns around and begins the long walk home.

This story is so beautiful and descriptive and perfectly suspenseful. The woman is intriguing because you are constantly wondering who she is and where she is going. You can really feel that she knows this place and is one with her surroundings, but at the same time, you feel sorry for her lack of sight and ability. A mixture of respect and pity.

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