• Madison White

A Story a Day #59: Leo Kennedy

April 19th, 2020

"A Priest in the Family"

Leo Kennedy

Mrs. Halloran is a woman who tries to be faithful but likes to drink. She often says she will be saved because she has a nephew who is a priest that prays for her daily. She works in the chuch cleaning pews. One day, she is cleaning pews with another woman, but she is already drunk. They get into an argument and start physically fighting each other. Another woman comes down to help but ends up getting scratched and hurt. Once they are finally separated, they apologize to the priest who eventually forgives them and Mrs. Halloran promises to stop drinking.

Catty, hypocritical women, what more could you want? Frankly, a lot more. This story seemed to me fairly shallow and obviously these women didn't learn their lesson. I find it hard to believe that their actions will really change after this outburst. I can't say I'm usually interested in stories that deal mostly with religion. This one wasn't really an exception for me.

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