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A Story a Day #61: Katherine Mansfield

April 21st, 2020

"Marriage a La Mode"

Katherine Mansfield

A well to do couple struggles in their marriage. William spends most of his weeks in London; he is travelling home and wonders what to pick up for his two boys. He contemplates buying some sweets but settles on some fruits. He thinks about how much his wife has changed since she started hanging out with a certain crowd. William thinks longingly about a time when they were younger. When he arrives, she greets him with her friends in tow. They ask him a few questions but don't pay much attention to him. Soon, William is on his way back to London. He writes Isabel a very long love letter that arrives shortly after. She reads it aloud to her friends and they are hysterical with laughter. For a moment, she feels guilty about having done this, but eventually continues on with them.

This story definitely has a Great Gatsby vibe to it: rich folks, fancy friends, maids, tense relationships. It does a great job of showcasing the contentious relationship between Isabel and William. Although they both love each other, they do not see eye to eye anymore. It is almost heartbreaking to see Isabel make fun of William to her friends and she is right to feel guilty. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to learn her lesson and continues on with them.

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