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The Last Story a Day #67 (Actually 71): Gabrielle Roy

April 30th, 2020

"Luzinda Takes a Holiday"

Gabrielle Roy

In rural Canada lives a family of ten. The mother, Luzinda, takes a trip into town once a year by herself to run necessary errands. She looks forward to this trip though she doesn't mention that to her family. She sees the silent postman on her way out, but it is her way back that proves more troubling. The horse pulling her sled is being cut by ice and limping. They must stop at a house of Icelanders who are kind to them. Eventually she makes it back to her family.

I think what is most beautiful about this story is how quaint it is. The family seems lovely; the remote scenery is nice. I don't know what else you could want, really. While her trip doesn't go perfectly, it goes fairly well. Nothing truly terrible happens. Nobody wrongs her. I am kind of skeptical of it, too be honest, but maybe I've just read too many stories where things go awry.

I think it is kind of a fitting end to this series of short stories. It is a journey, of course. A journey that goes mostly as expected but not quite. It is pleasant and I met some nice characters along the way and some not so nice characters. Stay tuned for a thorough synopsis of this project!


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